BOOK 2 of the SURVIVAL COLONY series

SOS_compSMSQuerry Genn is running out of time. He may have saved his survival colony and defeated a nest of the monstrous Skaldi, but that doesn’t mean he has any more answers to who he is. And Querry’s mother, Aleka, isn’t talking. Instead, she’s taken over the colony and is leading them through a wasteland of unfamiliar territory. But when they reach Aleka’s destination, everything Querry believed about his past is challenged.

In the middle of a burned-out desert, an entire compound of humans has survived with plenty of food and equipment. But the colonists find no welcome there, especially from Mercy, the granddaughter of the compound’s leader. Mercy is as tough a fighter as Querry has ever seen—and a girl as impetuous as he is careful. But the more Querry learns about Mercy and her colony, the more he uncovers the gruesome secrets that haunt Mercy’s past—and his own.

With threats mounting from the Skaldi and the other humans, Querry must grapple with the past and fight to save the future. In the thrilling conclusion to the story that began with Survival Colony 9, Joshua David Bellin narrates a tale of sacrifice, courage against overwhelming odds, and the fateful choices that define us for a lifetime.

Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books (Simon & Schuster)

Publication date: August 23, 2016

ISBN: 978-1481462440

Available in hardcover, paperback, and e-book

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What reviewers are saying about SCAVENGER OF SOULS:

Improved pacing and heightened suspense make this sequel even better than its predecessor. Bellin has a talent for world-building, and there’s much more life written into this narrative. Questions from the first book have intriguing answers. The addition of dynamic new characters and a less desolate setting will further enhance readers’ experience.–School Library Journal

Give the duology to teens looking for dystopias featuring terrifying aliens, scientific progress gone awry, and great character development.–Booklist

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