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SC9 JacketSurvival Colony 9 is receiving lots of great press!


7/11/14 The Washington Post features SC9 in a story on “cli-fi,” fiction related to climate change.


And here’s what reviewers are saying:


Querry’s memory loss allows for exposition to smoothly unfold. With each description, the Skaldi menace becomes more vivid and horrifying….The ending doesn’t explain everything, but it is action-packed and completes Querry’s emotional arc. Readers won’t want to face the terrifying Skaldi, but they’ll enjoy reading about them.

Kirkus Reviews

Survival Colony 9 will appeal to sci-fi fans who will anxiously await the planned sequel.

–Kimberly Garnick Giarratano, School Library Journal

Tantalizing mysteries abound among the human and inhuman inhabitants of the bleak landscape, and the postapocalyptic plot is satisfyingly full of twists.


[F]illed with interesting plot twists, compelling characters, and gripping action. Fans of dystopian thrillers should find the conflicted protagonist’s story thought-provoking as he discovers his identity, establishes a new family, and finds hope in his desolate environment.

–VOYA (4Q 4P rating)

Debut author Bellin weaves a bleak postapocalyptic tale of survival against overwhelming odds.

Publishers Weekly

Simply put, Survival Colony Nine is a masterpiece. It’s smart, beautiful, and heart wrenching.

–Valerie Zhang, The Young Folks

This debut novel by Joshua Bellin is most certainly an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride!

–Amy Lignor, Feathered Quill

This book was ridiculously fun to read.

Kelly Vision

Survival Colony 9 was everything I hoped it would be. Scary, suspenseful and also thought provoking.

–Jennifer Bardsley, Teaching My Baby to Read

Bellin has woven an intricate blanket of plot so engrossing that the reader can’t help but sink into like a well-loved quilt and race to finish the final pages.

–Corinne Taggart, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

[Bellin] has introduced a creature so insidious it might even creep into readers’ dreams.

–Michelle Willms, “Let’s Talk About Books”

[With] action, mystery, survival and a touch of romance, Survival Colony 9 is a book unlike anything I’ve read before.

–Katie B., Mundie Moms

Joshua David Bellin brings serious game in a post-apocalyptic thriller that collides breathless action with devious world building and genuine heart. A terrific novel!

—Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Rot & Ruin and V-Wars

Set in a gritty post-apocalyptic world, SURVIVAL COLONY 9 is both an adventure and an exploration of what it means to be human. This debut novel made me feel almost as desperate to find out the secret behind Querry Genn’s existence as he felt. And what a surprise when everything was revealed!

—Margaret Peterson Haddix, New York Times Bestselling author of the Missing Series

Gripping and action packed. Just when I thought I knew what was coming, another twist would shock me. Superb!

—Heather Anastasiu, author of the Glitch trilogy

Survival Colony Nine reminded me of everything I had missed about YA dystopians. I loved it.

Kayla’s Reads and Reviews

Bellin raises some interesting questions that would make perfect classroom conversations.

Joshua David Bellin’s YA debut is a spine-chilling, edge-of-your-seat stunner. There’s something about the stark barrenness of his setting that comes alive in vivid detail. And the twists…oh, the twists.

—Lisa Maxwell, author of Sweet Unrest

A stand-out book, a stand-out hero. SURVIVAL COLONY 9 is a literary quality sci-fi thriller.

—Kristen Lippert-Martin, author of Tabula Rasa


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To access my author profile, click here: Joshua David Bellin profile

For an author Q&A, click here: Joshua David Bellin Q&A

And for a press release, click here: Survival Colony 9 press release


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